Table of contents to Ancestry charts

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This file is the table of contents to the four-generation genealogical charts; it is organized according to ancestry, with greater indentation indicating remoter generations. Clicking on the entry for a chart will take you directly to that chart. (Note that this is not an index to the individuals in the genealogy; to go to the indexes, see the links at the end of this file.)

*Information on how to read these four-generation genealogical charts is also available.

Table of Contents to Charts

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*Table of Contents to Charts
*Part 1A of Charts
*Part 1B of Charts
*Part 2A of Charts
*Part 2B of Charts
*Part 3A of Charts
*Part 3B of Charts
*Annotated surname Index to these charts: A-H, J-Z
*Annotated Index of Persons in these charts (mainly Lineals): A-H, J-Z
*Index of Lineals and close Collaterals: A-H, J-Z
*Single Overview chart of Lineal Ancestors: HTML (big!), text