List of Collaterals, Part 1

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This file contains a listing of siblings (and half-siblings and step-siblings) of direct lineal ancestors. Lineal ancestors are listed with their siblings (and are recognizable by having a simple index number such as "7", rather than a hyphenated number such as "14-2"), but no details are provided on them here. Selecting links on lineal ancestors (in their parental or sibling roles) will take you back to the lineal ancestry charts; the few other links are cross-references for marriages among collateral ancestors.

Children of James Nohl Churchyard and Martha Orr:

Children of Harry Ludwig Churchyard and Miriam Florence Best:

Children of Samuel Orr and Martha Elizabeth Carson:

Children of Samuel Orr and Mary Walsh:

Child of Mary Walsh by her first husband:

Children of Frederick Churchyard and Clara Anna Nohl:

Children of Nelson Best and Carrie Isabella McCluskey:

Children of Samuel Lowry Orr and Louise Dunkerson:

Children of William Arthur Carson and Vesta Ruth Huntzinger:

Children of Henry Churchyard and Delene Monette:

Children of Ludwig Nohl and Fannie Sophia Young:

Combined list of children of John Best, Jr. and Cornelia Best:

Children of William Thomas McCluskey and Hannah Bailey:

Children of James Laughlin Orr and Kate Ann Howes:

Children of Robert Kendrick Dunkerson and Laura Casselberry:

Children of Lafayette Sherman Carson and Laura J. Francis:

Children of Allen Huntzinger and Elizabeth Carpenter:

Children of Isaac Churchyard and Sarah Smith:

There were at least two children by this marriage:

Children of Isaac Churchyard and Lucy Smith:

They had at least two children:

Children of Benony Monette and Marguerite Dagesse:

Children of Karl Friedrich Ferdinand Nohl and Johanna Kassenberg:

Children of Adam Young and Sarah Jane Chadderdon:

(Mainly based on 1860 Census of Rushford Town)

Children of John Best and Catherine Barnhart:

Children of Isaac Best and Annatje Eckerson:

Jennette Best, born 6 June 1807 Schoharie, was the daughter of Peter and Caty Best, not Isaac and Annatje Best.

Children of James Bailey and Eliza Schoales:

Children of Samuel Orr and Martha Lowry:

Children of Lewis Howes and Emily Anderson:

Children of Washington Dunkerson and Narcissa Jane Blackwell:

Child of Peyton Cox and Narcissa Jane Blackwell:

Children of William Carson:

Children of James David Carpenter and Athenasa Hartley:

Children of Henry Churchyard and Elizabeth Threadgale:

Children of Jeremiah Smith and Elizabeth Lankester:

Children of Francois-Joseph Monet and Marie-Reine Remillard:

Children of Johann Friedrich Nohl and Johanne Marie E. Franke:

Children of Welcome Chadderdon and Anna St. John:

Children of Jacob Best and Jannetje Vredenburgh:

Children of Harmanus Barnhart and Maria Bouck:

Children of John Eckerson and Geertruid Becker:

Children of John Bailey and Mary Bonner:

Children of Michael Lowry and Susanna Moorehead:

Children of Lemuel Howes and Lavinia Tobey:

Children of David Anderson and Mercy Childs:

Children of Thomas Duncanson and Lucretia Moore:

Child of Chapman Blackwell and Polly Hatchet:

Children of Chapman Blackwell and Prudence Russel Jeffress:

Children of Thomas Evans Casselberry and Rachel Jane Carson:

Children of Captain Aaron Summers and Providence Shaw:

Children of Major John Garvin and Providence Shaw:

Children of Daniel Huntzinger by his first wife:

Children of Daniel Huntzinger and Mary Kroeber (or Mary Margaret Crocker?):

Children of Charles Churchyard and Mary Turner:

Children of Thomas Threadkell and Elizabeth Manby:

(Perhaps not a complete list, but all that were mentioned in Thomas Threadkell's will.)

Children of Francois Monet and Marie-Josephte Surprenant:

Children of Johann Heinrich Nohl and Anna Catharina Maria Boecker:

Children of Johann Heinrich Nohl and Anna M. Quabeck (Freudel):

Child of --- Freudel and Anna M. Quabeck:

Children of Johann Daniel Franke and Anna Margaretha Schmidt:

Children of Abraham Chadderdon and Lydia Stone:

Children of Samuel St. John and Thankful Lockwood:

Children of Johannes Best and Eva Lounhart:

(Baptismal records from the German Reformed Church Germantown, New York, the Claverack Reformed Church Claverack, New York, and the Linlithgo Reformed Church Linlithgo, New York.)

Children of Isaac Vredenburgh and Geesjen Pier:

Children of Isaac Vredenburgh and Cornelia Witbeck:

Child of Jacob Decker and Cornelia Witbeck:

Children of Jan Bressie and Cornelia Witbeck:

Children of Johannes Bernhart and Maria Gertraud Rau:

Children of Johannes Bernhart and his second wife (Cornelia Ketter?):

Children of Johannes William Bouck and Anna Elisabeth ---:

(All baptized in St. Paul's Lutheran Church.)

Children of Thomas Eckerson and Margarita Slingerland:

Children of Harmanus Becker and Annatje van Dyck:

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