Our Family Museum:
A Collection of Family History Notes

The files here are conversions into HTML format of portions of the genealogical compendium Our Family Museum by James Nohl Churchyard. A 1996 version of the full book (which contains many biographical details and source citations not included in this HTML version) is also available in plain ASCII text form as ftp://ftp.cac.psu.edu/pub/genealogy/text/data/chyfamus.zip (a compressed archive file, 1197781 bytes in length; I hope to have a more up-to-date version available soon); see an explanation of ".zip" here.

There are more than 835 individuals with over 360 different family names listed in the main charts (which mostly include direct lineal ancestors of James Nohl Churchyard and his first wife Martha Orr); and there is some information on a further 1,200 close collaterals here. The main regions of origin are England, Quebec/France, the Rhineland (Germany), Ulster, and colonial and post-revolutionary New England, New York (New Amsterdam), and the middle states.

The author's contact address is:

James Nohl Churchyard
1694 Santa Margarita Drive
Fallbrook, CA 92028-1639
Personal website: http://nctimes.net/~churchyj/

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Table of Contents

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Summary of main ancestral lines

This volume presents the ancestry (as far as it is known) of the children of James Nohl Churchyard and his former wife, Martha Orr. The following eight ancestral lines start from parentage chart B1.

of Suffolk Co., England, and French-Canadian lines of Monette, Houde and many more, including Baldwin, Catlin, and Corse of Deerfield, MA.
of Germany and several New England lines: Benedict, Lockwood, Olmsted, and St. John. A Nohl autobiography covering 1767-1838 (included in the plain ASCII text version) and an emigration diary of 1849 are available.
includes several Palatine German (1709) and earlier New York Dutch, English, and Huguenot lines such as Barnhart, Eckerson, Glen, van Dyck, and Vredenburgh.
and Webb, New Brunswick loyalists; and Bailey and McCausland of County Tyrone, Ulster, including a link to the Buchanan clan of Scotland.
of Ulster and Indiana, including Howes, Anderson, Sears, and various New England lines, some to the Mayflower.
(or Duncanson), Blackwell, and Jeffress of Virginia, Casselberry and Garvin of Pennsylvania. One line is carried back to King Edward III of England through the Wrights of Oyster Bay, New York.
of Franklin and Evansville, Indiana.
of Pennsylvania and Indiana, Carpenter and Hartley of West Virginia.

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