Henry Churchyard's personal home page

Yes, it's yet another sappy home page with personal photos. STOP ME BEFORE I SCAN AGAIN!!!! ;-)


These are the pictures of my nephew and niece that I've been carrying around in my wallet (which is why they're not in absolutely pristine condition):

[niece abt. 1987; nephew 1993; niece 1993]

If you don't think these are cute kids, then I'm afraid I'm going to have to shoot you...


Here's a photo of me in my younger days, optimistic and ready to take on the world! If I had only known...

[Playing with alphabet blocks]

My "friend" Amy has now ravaged and desecrated the beautiful and affecting image above, first defacing it by adding in a quotation from Henry Higgins which alludes to my current area of study (if you can bear to look at it, the defiled image is here); she then went on to commit a serial offense by adding in a caption referring to my WWW expertise (this second act of cyber-vandalism can be viewed here). ;-)

This photograph is undistinguished in itself, but it's memorable for the fact that I already didn't like to have my picture taken, so that my mother bribed me with 50 cents to appear in this!

[Watering the side yard]

This is a photograph I took as a young child in Tularosa, New Mexico; it illustrates a strong early and continuing influence in my life, apparently. ;-)

[Ice cream truck]

You can download excerpts from my dissertation Topics in Tiberian Biblical Hebrew Metrical Phonology and Prosodics (1999), in .ZIP-compressed Adobe Acrobat PDF format, containing Section 1.4 (on the phonological interpretation of the Tiberian orthography) and Chapter 4 (on the history of Hebrew main stress and the origins of the consecutive imperfect stress shift) (unzip the compressed archive file after downloading, and then read the resulting PDF file with the Acrobat reader, available for various platforms at the Adobe.com web-site), or even the entire dissertation in its final form (warning: 1.5 meg download) [plain-text abstract here], or, if you want, you can now go on to my main home page.