Going Off Grid at Home

Many choose off the grid living because of the autonomy it supplies. You’re no longer reliant on utility companies to provide you with services. Off the grid households function on generators, rain and lake water and solar power. Since a lot of what is used to run the home comes from local supplies that are naturally present, it’s the most environmentally friendly way to live.

off-the-grid-cabin-225x300.jpgThis way of life also offers privacy. Areas that lack essential utility services tend to be sparsely populated. The rural environment allows a household to become truly self-sufficient. Many off the grid homes grow their own food, raise their own livestock and produce some of their own utilities.

For those of us who aren’t already living in an off the grid area, getting there might be a little more than challenging. Here are a few steps to get you started on your off the grid life.


Save Funds

Many people find the idea of going off the grid attractive because it no longer requires them to pay a mortgage. You will still need a roof over your head. Most off the grid homes are simple, tiny cabins. These go for tens of thousands of dollars. Instead of the hundreds of thousands your current home is worth.

To not be in debt, you will need to have this type of money saved up. Selling your home can get you most of the way there. You can stay with a friend or family member until you’re able to purchase the cabin.

You should also go through any furniture or items; you may have lying around the house that isn’t being used. Even if the item’s only worth three dollars, you wouldn’t leave three dollars on the floor, would you? These things won’t fit in a tiny, off-the-grid home anyway.

Or, Collect Material To Build A Cabin Yourself

Cabin building isn’t as complicated as building a traditional home. Start collecting and purchasing lumber and other raw materials to use in the homestead. You may need to hire a professional contractor to set up heating and a water system for the cabin.

Getting The Utilities You Need

off-grid-living-firewood-300x169.jpgYou’ll still need to bath, drink and clean while you’re living off the grid. Off the grid areas have no utility providers to get you the plumbing you need to perform these activities. To solve this problem, off-the-grid families have rainwater systems. Rainwater tubs are buried underneath the gutters of the cabin. Pipes are then connected to the container so that water can circulate through the house.

Learn To Garden

There won’t be a grocery store nearby. And, Amazon won’t deliver fresh vegetables to rural homes. To keep your family well fed and nourished, it may be necessary to start a garden immediately. Choose plants that can be harvested quickly and year round. A good one is Kale.

Enjoy The Freedom Of An Off The Grid Life!

Off the grid living is possible when the utilities you use to power through your life are harnessed from the environment around you instead of a greedy electric company. Cut debt, mortgages and most shopping expenses completely out of your life! It’s possible when you choose off the grid living.